Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Who is eligible to be seen at the EMPOWER clinic?

Participation in the clinic is open to any woman who is a survivor of sex trafficking or sexual violence, as well as any woman who feels she is in need of a sensitive gynecological exam due to prior traumatic experiences. EMPOWER accepts all patients, regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status.

2) How can I make an appointment?

Patients must be referred to be seen at the EMPOWER Clinic. Examples of referring organizations or individuals include:

  • A non-profit, social service organization

  • Another medical center or provider

  • A lawyer or case worker

  • A psychiatrist, therapist, or other mental health counselor

3) How do I refer a patient?

To refer a patient please email or fill out our Form on our Contact Page.  Please include in your message the following: 

  1. Name of the patient you are referring

  2. Date of Birth of the patient you are referring

  3. Basic history of the patient you are referring

4) Do you offer mental health services?

Yes, the EMPOWER Clinic currently offers mental health services for patients.